Musée Petit Monde

A visit to Musée Petit Monde is not like any other museum tour but is a journey through time discovering a faraway and fascinating world. A long journey in the memory and recollections of our community which starts in the three main facilities that make up the Musée Petit Monde: the raccard, the grandze and the grenier. These buildings have remained protected over time, hidden in their own secluded “small world” that keeps the secrets of the past, when this corner in the mountains was an important pass on the way to Switzerland. A way of experiencing again the mountain as they did in the past, to feel it alive and vibrant. Enjoy a secret and unchanged landscape. This and much more is there for you in our Petit Monde.

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Nature around us
The museum is located in the hamlet of Triatel which, together with the village of Etirol, located on the opposite side of the valley, makes up the district known as “Petit Monde”.
Triatel is located on a sunny promontory, on the passage towards the Chavacour valley and therefore on the ancient route to Switzerland. The inhabitants of this beautiful and remote corner of the world used to live off agriculture and farming. The slope of the valley towards Etirol, sunlit but without water, was entirely cultivated with cereals, especially wheat and rye, on terraces supported by dry stone walls that can still be seen today. The area of the villages, with more water, was better for cattle farming and hemp cultivation.
Among the two villages, on the stream, there is the old mill, which has been restored and is now operating.
The chapel, located in the upper part of the village of Triatel and already mentioned in documents dated 1588, after the devastating plague in 1630 was dedicated to Saint Roch; Saint Bernard, Saint Roch and Saint Anthony of Padua are represented on the façade, from left to right.
In Ponty, on the road that joins the capital city to Petit Monde on the edge of a precipice, below exposed rock there is another chapel, also built thanks to the generosity of the inhabitants. This small church was built in 1733 in a place already dedicated to worshipping the Holy Mary.
A Walk
The Petit Monde can be explored walking along the paths that cross luxuriant meadows and woods. Starting from the Musée, you walk in the shade of trees until reaching a stream where the working mill of the village is located. You then enter the village of Etirol and, after passing a few rascard, go deep again into nature. Steps are accompanied by the music of the stream water and by the unique beauty of old dry-stone walls. The stream becomes louder as we approach the Petit Monde waterfall. After passing the stream you are surrounded by woods until returning to the starting point. The Petit Monde remains a place of the past, where man lives in tune with nature.
The hamlets of Triatel, Etirol and Ronc make up a district known as Petit-Monde: a small, independent world, for its secluded geographical location and because it offers a foretaste of the beauty of Lodetor valley, but also for its well documented history. Here, in the hamlet of Triatel, there is the “Musée Petit-Monde” ethnographic museum.


Opening times:
In July and August check opening times and the calendar of events at the Tourist Office. In the other months, the museum is open upon reservation for group visits.

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